ryde levels

Rydehere Econ

(2005 and newer)

Our most affordable personal ride. We’ll be there in minutes taking you where you need to go within minutes. When luxury just isn’t what you’re looking for and all you need to do is get there.

Rydehere SUV

(2005 and newer SUV vehicles)

Our third tier ryde and yes our most expensive, but you get what you pay for. Select SUV when you need something more spacious, or have a group all trying to go to the same place. This level will seat up to 6 passengers.

Rydehere Luxe

(2005 and newer luxury vehicles)

Our second tier high-end ryde and yet not our most expensive, but still for when you want to spend a little more, so you truly get what you pay for. This is our luxury option for business trips, or a night on the town, it’s the perfect way to arrive in style!

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