Referral code & usage

Our referral program is aimed at benefitting both the makers of RydeHere and the active customers.

    The Process is

  • A Ryder or Driver shall join the site.
  • A personal code will be given to the Ryder or Driver at signup.
  • When a new ryder signs up and uses someones referral code, that person who's referral code is being used will receive 1% of the total fare each time the new ryder use our services for the life of their account.
  • The person (ryder or driver) will gain credit to their account as a referral fee.
  • This referral fee may be collected via a check or bank account, quarterly, or yearly.

This is a great opportunity to help us and yourself along the road, with Rydehere. The referral fee is a great initiative by our team which will for sure excite you. We hope that this program will be loved by our Ryders in the future and that such programs will encourage you to join with us.

Helping Cities-

This referral package will indeed help bring income within the ci ty. The income will be distributed amongst the drivers, Ryders and website managers. The income wil l help in the circulation of money within the city.

To make sure that our city is flourishing in terms of cash income and circu lation, make sure to spread the word about our services and join our referral program. Is it not amazing that our referral program absolutely free and ensures that you will be paid, if followed exactly?

To conclude, what will the Drivers expect, in the city?

As a whole we are towards the path of building something great together. Greatn ess, indeed. The referral program will help in boosting the local ec onomy and bring steady jobs to a whole lot of men and women alike. High standard and top talent are a few of the many things we be believe in. The idea is to ease up the conveyance issue you folks experience on a day to day basis. With this idea and zeal, we aim at chang ing the physical world wholly.

We still have a long path ahead of us, join in and help us get there!

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